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Yet another flashback

Links to this After we had recovered from the wounds sustained in the battle of dvAdashAnta, we were on a train was chugging along somewhere close to the modern boundary between the mahArATTa and karNATa country. On both sides stretched, … Continue reading

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A narrative on the kAlAmukha-s: implications for the bhairava-srotas

We had earlier briefly considered the kAlAmukha-s on these pages. While once prominent in both the north and south of the country, their last occurrences are recorded only in the south (though they clearly acknowledge their connections to the northern … Continue reading

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The vaishvadeva riddle of manu

In 8th maNDala of the R^igveda there is famous vaishvadeva riddle of father manu vaivasvata (RV 8.29) in the peculiar partial virAT (dvipada virAT) meter. In our tradition the one who identifies all the deva-s in it becomes the knower … Continue reading

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Macranthropy and the saMbandha-s between microcosm and macrocosm

May we first invoke indra that he might drive away the obstructions to the study: vajraM yash chakre suhanAya dasyave hirImasho hirImAn | arutahanur adbhutaM na rajaH || The thunderbolt, which he of golden mane and golden frame bore down … Continue reading

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