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A note regarding the multilingual poetry of jayarAma kavI

We had a discussion with an acquaintance regarding the local linguistic pride and chauvinism among those who identify with desha bhAShA-s in bhArata. We had encountered the effect most forcefully in two modern states of the secular Indian republic, namely … Continue reading

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A personal discursion on conic sections

The brothers Menaechmus and Dinostratus, as per the last great yavana sage Proclus, were associates of the Plato, who made some of the most profound discoveries in the yavana knowledge systems. Indeed, their discoveries might be considered one of the … Continue reading

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The skanda-vrata

We had earlier presented a few details pertaining to the great kumAra chakra, which lay at the root of the kumArashAsana the pinnacle of its glory – a time when mahAsena was invoked from bAhlika in the north to dramiDa … Continue reading

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