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Beetles and men: some glimpses of history through the contemporary lens

The tale of poisoned arrows The bushmen clans generally used to not fight each other because most adult males are armed with arrows that have been smeared with deadly toxins. However, when from the mid-1600s the Dutch started intruding into … Continue reading

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C/2011 L4 (PAN-STARRS)

On the shuklapakSha prathamI of the month of phAlguna in the year nandana, 5113 of the kaliyuga, a shvetaketu-putra was sighted by us .625 muhUrta-s after sunset. The shikhin was in the quarter of awful nirR^iti to the south of … Continue reading

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The strange case of a person from South Carolina: Revisiting human archaism and modernity in Africa and elsewhere

It was in the year yuvan, which we were passing through for the first time in our life, when skanda freed us from the vile dasyu who was tailing us for a while. In the city of the great dancers … Continue reading

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The lesson of arjuna

The third paNDava, as an impetuous warrior, the embodiment of the great indra on earth gave a powerful lesson to his brother yudhiShThira when urged by his wife yAj~nasenI. The pith of this lesson is truly one for the kali … Continue reading

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