C/2011 L4 (PAN-STARRS)

On the shuklapakSha prathamI of the month of phAlguna in the year nandana, 5113 of the kaliyuga, a shvetaketu-putra was sighted by us .625 muhUrta-s after sunset. The shikhin was in the quarter of awful nirR^iti to the south of both the sun and moon and due to its low altitude needed a binoculars to sight it. Both the moon and the comet where in our nakShatra. Yet it was pretty bright and and its magnitude by comparison with the sliver of the prathamI moon could be placed as around .25 or so. Thus, we would place it among our memorable shikhin-s: Hale-Bopp, Hayakutake and Halley, which was the first ever we saw in our lives. The moon was a like the sword of rudra with comet above its southern horn with a prominent tail and bright nucleus.

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