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susmeratayA saha saMmelana

Holding a trident he arrived at the great smashANa at the foot of kollagiri from the subterranean temple of nR^isiMha where he had practiced the mantra of the adhomukha. It was in the midst of a storm: the trees in … Continue reading

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The sixth cycle of samarAichcha kahA: a vaNija tradition

The jaina AchArya haribhadra sUri collected a series of old tales and presented them in a didactic form for emphasizing jaina principles in the novel known as the samarAichcha kahA. It was written in a vulgar prAkR^ita which was most … Continue reading

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Computational driftwood

The above object is a gnarled piece of driftwood. Only that it never floated in the sea and exists only in the virtual realm – a pure mathematical abstraction – a combination of three functions. Some would say it is … Continue reading

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The songs of shunaHshepa and nArada

In the nocturnal ritual of the soma rite 27th and 28th sAmavedic stuti-s are described below. These songs are sung sometime between 12.30-1.00 AM. The sAmavedic mantra-s have the following musical pattern with respect to the three sAmavedin ritualists: The … Continue reading

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Time, world history, or the lack thereof

Many years ago in our old home we came across a book won by the bhArgava-trasadasyau in a contest that had the biographies of many a Euro-American figure. At that point we were impressed by certain threads in the German … Continue reading

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A brief rant on the Indian political system

The coming elections in the secular, socialist, democratic republic of India certainly seem to be a rather important fork in the road. A member of the clan mentioned that an exuberant Hindu politician had declared that this election will mark … Continue reading

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