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The basis for philosophy in science (especially biology) and religion

We did not want to write this epistle as we have said things along these lines a few times before, and have spoken even more of it to our friends. Richard Dawkins had once said something like philosophers do not … Continue reading

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vidhinA avarodhita

ChitvA pAsham apAsya kUTa-rachanAM bha~NktvA balAd vAgurAM paryastAgni-shikhA-kalApa-jaTilAn niHsR^itya dUraM vanAt | vyAdhAnAM sharagocharAd atijavenotplutya gachChan mR^igaH kUpAntaH patitaH karoti viguNe kiM vA vidhau pauruSham || Having broken the snare, avoided the concealed traps, and forcibly broken nets, escaping bundles … Continue reading

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Vaguely biological: The lemniscate echinodermomorph

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