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Some comparative considerations on the Indo-European religion with a focus on the Roman religion

Studies on the Roman religion The Roman religion is important for our understanding of the early Indo-European religion which forms the basis of our own religion, tradition, and identity. Unfortunately, the religions of the western branches of Indo-European were destroyed … Continue reading

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A zarathuShtrian exit at a Hindu funeral

This note continues with the examples we have been providing on these pages illustrating the role of the kavi as a naturalist or an observer of nature. The verse below is a macabre one composed by one of  the greatest … Continue reading

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A visitation and ruminations

Most of our fellow travelers in school and college, with some exceptions occasionally alluded to in some form on these pages, were boring people to us. Their interests, political views or aspirations did not overlap seriously with our own. However, … Continue reading

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Some meanderings on early medieval history from the view point of nAstika compositions

A image of the goddess vajreshvarI from a Dilwara temple built by a jaina banker-businessman of the chAlukya period later embellished by bhAmA sAH This epistle is a brief discussion on the socio-political developments in early medieval India emerging from … Continue reading

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Poem on Sübütäi’s attack on Qazvin

The great Mongol Noyan Jebe upon receiving the news of the death of the Moslem Sultan Khwarizm Shah asked Chingiz Khan’s permission to extend their conquests westwards. At the head of 10,000 men he joined in the meantime with Sübütäi’s … Continue reading

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A geopolitical segment

Nothing has really changed in the world as long as the mlechCha-marUnmattAbhisaMdhi continues as usual. Yet, a large fraction of the Hindus we have observed have a weak apprehension of this outside a relatively small circle many of whom are … Continue reading

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Denisovans, Sherpas and Tibetans

Many years ago we discovered that EGLN1 and its orthologs were  iron and 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase that hydroxylated prolines. About 8 months after we had published a paper detailing this discovery a band of mlechCha-s led by an English robber-baron said essentially … Continue reading

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Attenuated fractality- cube and octagon : Dodecahedron and decagon

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