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The domain of India according to bhāskararāya-makhīndra

bhāskararāya was one of the greatest mantravādin-s of all times, who perhaps was only rivaled by the illustrious abhinavagupta or aghoraśiva deśika, who in times closer to our own was verily like how a brāhmaṇa sage of the time of … Continue reading

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A geopolitical segment: the news-traders

We have earlier proposed on these pages the postulates of the first responders and the preta-rākṣasābhisaṃdhi. These, together with the peculiar consequence of much of our elites’ vyavahāra happening in the āṅglika bhāṣā, has allowed our mleccha-, and to an … Continue reading

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Some vignettes on the provenance of the Mogol tyrants

Published first in a slightly modified form at IndiaFacts In the autumn of 1404 CE Timur-i lenk, after having spread the terror of Islam all over Asia for more than three decades, was poised to launch the final campaign of … Continue reading

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Partitions, perforations and tilings

We are “geometric” in our thinking – perhaps, we are hence a little more Greek or the old type Arya than the later Hindu (who is more algebraic) in mentality. Long back in college we were fascinated by implicit trigonometric … Continue reading

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The Mandel-diamond: crystals emerge from an amorphous background

A closer look at realms within this “Terra Mysterium” Crystals by the shore-line: Crystals in the crevice – realm of craters:

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