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Battle of the agents

As PDF It was the last day of school and the exams were to begin at the start of the next week. Following their parents stern instructions, Jhilleeka and Varoli decided not hangout after school and were returning home on … Continue reading

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The monophyly of euryapsids and the radiation of marine reptiles after the Permian–Triassic- extinction

This brief note might be read as a continuation of this one. Phylogeny by Motani et al As noted in the epistle linked above, the possibility of the monophyly of euryapsids, sometimes termed enaliosauria, has been spoken of repeatedly over … Continue reading

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Polycentrism, the many-one problem and the roots of yoga

An updated version of our earlier ramblings first published at: One of the central problems Hindus face on the intellectual battlefield is articulating their position vis-a-vis the stances of their Abrahamistic foes. An important aspect of this problem is … Continue reading

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