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Notices of Hūṇa-s in kāvya and an excursus on their origins and ethnicity

This article was originally published in a slightly modified form at IndiaFacts. Starting sometime shortly before 200BCE all the way down to the 7th century of the common era, there occurred a series of irruptions of Inner Asiatic peoples, who … Continue reading

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Some trivia on equilateral triangles and the like

One may ask why one needs to revisit elementary geometry that was usually studied at secondary school. The simple answer is it is a good recreation. But it is not like any recreation, because it also opens the doors to … Continue reading

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The ditty of the desert road

He who eats once is a tyāgin; He who eats twice is a yogin; He who eats thrice is a bhogin; And he who eats four times a day is verily destined to be a rogin! Some find rest by … Continue reading

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Subhas Chandra Bose: An autobiographical reminiscence

By the time we were between the seven and eight years of age we had acquired some elements of the history our people from our parents: We knew of the coming of the ārya-s and the relationship of Indo-Aryan languages … Continue reading

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