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The dream motif

Vidrum was nearing the road to his house. Instinctively, he felt his backpack and found it to be unzipped. Then to his utter disappointment he found that his box containing geometric instruments was missing. Anxious to get it back, he … Continue reading

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Lifting the veil of the megafaunal extinctions: South American native ungulates

Some memories are simultaneously pleasant and sad: One such is of the many afternoons spent reading about the discovery and then the osteology of South American mammals. It was then that we read with some awe of the great deeds … Continue reading

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The testosterone tradeoff

In numerous jawed vertebrates testosterone appears to play an important role in courtship, aggression, and territorial defense, particularly by males. It is very likely that last common ancestor of jawed vertebrates already used testosterone in such capacity. The jawless vertebrates … Continue reading

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Ramblings on sitters and foragers, multiplicity of males, caste, and transnationality

To sit or to rove: the tale of maggots The gene coding for cGMP-dependent kinase (PKG) in Drosophila melanogaster, whose kinase activity is activated by binding of the second messenger cGMP by its two cNMP-binding domains, is characterized by two … Continue reading

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Incomplete men

This article was first published on Feb 18, 2006. However, we thought it was apposite to re-publish it with some additions give the recent attack on the Hindus by the mlechCha propaganda arm. Liberals are a putrid and noxious bunch. … Continue reading

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Exploring the history of Hindu festivals: the ancient strands of Holākā

Updated version of article published originally at IndiaFacts In Hindu tradition there is a clear demarcation of at least three distinct classes of ritual observances: 1) The most conservative of these are the śrauta rituals that deviate little from their … Continue reading

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