Incomplete men

This article was first published on Feb 18, 2006. However, we thought it was apposite to re-publish it with some additions give the recent attack on the Hindus by the mlechCha propaganda arm.

Liberals are a putrid and noxious bunch. Sadly, as we discussed before, they are pretty widespread in academia. Liberal is merely another more dignified name for communist or leftist. The liberals live in a paradoxical world. Some profess to viscerally hate religion, whereas in reality they end up mouthing a secular version of their dominant meme: exclusivist Abrahamism. This is not surprising because following the footsteps of the Hindu intellectuals Shri Ram Swarup and Sitaram Goel, and later the prolix Balagangadhara of Ghent (though we disagree on several issues with him) we realized that the socialism or communism were but secularized versions of the basic Abrahamistic meme. We find that liberals of very different hues showing this dogma at different levels of discourse. Let us consider a diverse set of examples to illustrate this:

1) Jared Diamond- kalashajA and me had discussed his 2nd book after reading it with some eagerness (biased positively by the first one). We soon realized that this book was not universalist history but a politically biased affair that prevented him from making proper scientific inferences. Due to his hidden socialist disposition (coming from a deeper Abrahamistic belief of “equal before G-d”) he thought that geographical contingency directs human history without altering the human biology at a genetic level. He is resoundingly proven wrong by the most recent studies that the differences between human races is indeed due natural selection.

2) Stephen Gould and Dick Lewontin- Both were respectable evolutionary theorists with a decent understanding of aspects of the heart of biology. Yet both were communists (cloaked as liberals) which prevented them from understanding the significance of the evolutionary theory for human diversity. Their politics made them oppose science even though it stared on their face and they tried to hide behind statistical smoke screens to provide a false respectability to their positions. So they sang the song all humans are equal and the environment makes them different.

3) Richard Dawkins- A great popularizer of the evolutionary theory and the proposer of the meme concept is a closet leftist . This again made him ignore many aspects of intra-human differentiation and support Mohammedans! In his case the loss of a religious identity has been replaced by a fanatic atheism where he literally worships a new crypto-Abrahamistic entity “humanism” with a convert’s zeal. In the year 2015 he started tilting against Hindus in support of a compatriot puMshchalI who is engaged in a smear campaign against the Hindus. The puMshchalI herself was supported by the puMshchalI-grAhin mlechChesha’s strI who earlier was seeking to support the Mohammedans in lATa and Anarta.

His tweets presented below are sufficient to illustrate what Dick Dawkins really stands for:DickD1DickD2One can see he is no different from an Abrahamist from the past [Update from 2015].

4) PZ Myers- a minor scientist and major pamphleteer, but I hear from aurvasheyI that he is almost as popular as the others on the web. Lately he has been taking anti-Hindu stances. We wonder if he can take a similar stance against Judaism- I doubt he would last long. His stuff is another blind anti-religious blather similar to Daniel Dennett, whose ignorance prevents him from understanding some really commonsense stuff about things like consciousness. Myers profound blindness is a good example of the liberal’s missionary zeal where in he literally shows the zeal of an Abrahamist only transferred to a new religion dubbed as “science”.

In conclusion liberalism has made otherwise intelligent scientists incomplete men. It also speaks rather badly of these scientists because it shows that they are actually unable to pursue scientific thought to its conclusion because of their inability to give up their political figments. These incomplete men are victims of the Abrahmisitic meme. The meme had imprisoned their ancestors and kept them in a state of intellectual servitude for a millennium or more. Then science disrupted this meme and showed it puerility. But these mlechChas having no philosophical or cultural scaffold larger than Abrahamistic delusions, felt rudderless upon its collapse. As a result they needed something to take its place and give them a “Weltanschauung”. Sure enough the Abrahamism returned in a secular form- communism or leftism- that provided them with the needful pillar for support. Thus, unable to percieve, leave alone understand, the philosophy of life they wander around spreading hate like walking graveyards.

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