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A brief note on animal heads, Celtic human sacrifice, and Indo-European tradition

Our illustrious ancestor Dadhyaṅc Ātharvaṇa is supposed to have possessed privileged knowledge from the great Indra that even the twin gods, the Aśvin-s, sought to get it from him. However, speaking out this secret knowledge would have cost him his … Continue reading

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The winding narration of deaths and counter-deaths

It is said that Śiva transforms continually into many forms for his own enjoyment; not all of those are enjoyed by the consciousness housed in a paśu *∆*∆*∆* It was the time around Dīpāvalī, an year after when Somakhya and … Continue reading

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A note on the pantheon of the Indian Saura tradition

The Indian Saura-mata (or the Hindu sect of the Sun) is an amalgam of two distinct layers [Footnote 1]: 1) The endogenous layer of solar deities going back to the Veda and 2) the neo-morphic layer of Iranic origin which … Continue reading

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The realm of indra

A version of this article was published earlier at India Facts Indra, is the Indo-Aryan version of the preeminent deity of the ancestral Indo-European pantheon. In the Vedic texts we see remnants of what might have been an ancient tripartation … Continue reading

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