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Turning of the Turkic wheel: plucking the red apple

In 527 CE Justinian became the emperor at Constantinople. He is remembered as a saint in the orthodox church and is famed for his enforcing of the Nicean creed. He crushed other interpretations of Christianity and rebuilt the famous church … Continue reading

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A geopolitical round up: last week of Nov 2015

Many turns of the sun ago, when we were still a kid in school, we had some classmates who had an unbridled admiration and enthusiasm for the Anglosphere and a rather deep-seated self-identification with it. While their English had little … Continue reading

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The autumn days

Vidrum had just finished up with his last patient for the day. Before heading out to his office one of his assistants offered him a rich halvā. He curtailed his temptation reminding himself how bad it could be for one’s … Continue reading

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Rudra’s portion of the ritual offering, the Kaṭha Āraṇyaka and the Atharvaśiras: a brief journey through early śaiva thought

A version of this article was published first at India Facts There is a persistent motif of the deva Rudra (Śiva) being originally refused ritual offerings of the yajña to which the other deva-s were entitled. Rudra eventually acquires his … Continue reading

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