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Turkic miscellany: plucking the red apple

In 527 CE Justinian became the emperor at Constantinople. He is remembered as saint in the orthodox church and is famed for his enforcing of the Nicean creed. He crushed other interpretations of the Christianity and rebuilt the famous church … Continue reading

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A geopolitical round up: last week of Nov 2015

Many turns of the sun ago, when we were still a kid in school, we had some classmates who had an unbridled admiration and enthusiasm for the Anglosphere and a rather deep-seated self-identification with it. While their English had little … Continue reading

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The autumn days

Vidrum had just finished up with his last patient for the day. Before heading out to his office one of his assistants offered him a rich halvā. He curtailed his temptation reminding himself how bad it could be for one’s … Continue reading

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Rudra’s portion of the ritual offering, the Kaṭha Āraṇyaka and the Atharvaśiras: a brief journey through early śaiva thought

A version of this article was published first at India Facts There is a persistent motif of the deva Rudra (Śiva) being originally refused ritual offerings of the yajña to which the other deva-s were entitled. Rudra eventually acquires his … Continue reading

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