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Iamblichus, quadratures, trisections and the lacuna of the cycloid

Today Syria has been turned into a hellhole by the unmāda-traya. However, just before the irruption of the second Abrahamism which ended the late Classical world, it was home to great men like Iamblichus. Hailing from a clan of priest-chiefs, … Continue reading

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The cardioid and the arbelos: the scimitar and the axe

The arbelos of Archimedes, an object most wondrous; it brought pleasure to us, when stalked by enemies, as the old yavana by Romans, who ended for good his days. What is the mystery of the scimitar and the axe which … Continue reading

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Some notes on the heathen Lithuania and its demise

Clinging to the inner coast of northern Europe lies Lithuania, a nation which at best only marginally figures in the Hindu historical and geographical consciousness. Conquered twice by the Soviet “empire” it had all but ceased to exist as an … Continue reading

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The Mohammedan scientist Al-Bīrūnī was the model Abrahamistic investigator of other cultures in whose mold even those of the modern era are cast, be they from the prathamonmāda or the dvītīyonmāda or their secular variants. He was quick to recognize … Continue reading

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Der singende Knochen: śūlapuruṣāṇāṃ śūletyādi

That afternoon Vidrum was returning with a bunch of other friends whom he had taken through a tough course of climbing at a hilly locale. As they neared a certain road, he, Sharvamanyu, Somakhya and Lootika bade good bye to … Continue reading

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