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The first week of college had ended. Vidrum was returning from an eatery with his new friend Manjukeshi after an early supper. The two of them were rather surprised by the ferocious competitiveness of their classmates. Some refused to discuss … Continue reading

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Turning of the Turkic wheel: unmattābhisaṃdhi, battles won, battles lost and march of marūnmāda

When the Mamluqs controlled the rākṣasālaya-s of Mecca and Medina they were rather zealous about their possessions just like the modern tyrants of Saud. After the Osman sultan Mehmed II had completed an important milestone for marūnmāda with the conquest … Continue reading

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A geopolitical package: July 2016

One often hears of the tale of Śivājī and his men killing the gigantic marūnmatta Afzal Khan in popular narratives. It was certainly an event that captured the imagination of the lay Hindus and continues to do so to this … Continue reading

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