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The great faceless man

In the late Yajurvaidika upaniṣat, the Śvetāśvatara, which is the foundational text of the śaiva-śāsana, the god Rudra is described thus: na tasya pratimā asti yasya nāma mahad yaśaḥ। There is no one who his equal, whose name [itself] is … Continue reading

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pdf in Devanāgari (loka-nIticharchA) vijaya-nāma mahā-mlecchānām bahuprajāvān bahupatnīvāṃś ca vyāpārī gṛha-krayāc chailūṣa-pradarśanāc ca mahādhany abhavat । sa marūnmattair abhibhṛtāṃ pūrvatana-mleccha-rāja-patnīm atikrāntvā rāja-nirvācanam ajayata । so ‘bhavat mlecchādhipatiḥ । virodhakās tasya+anekāḥ । tasya vijayasya ca paṭṭābhiṣekasyānantaraṃ vṛṣṭy-ante puttikā ivo(u)tplavante bahavaḥ saṃkṣobhakāḥ … Continue reading

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Deliberations on richness and beauty: discovery of some multi-parameter iterative maps

As we have explained in the earlier notes (1, 2, 3), the second major factor in our exploration of 2D strange attractors maps, IFS and other fractals was the aesthetic experience they produced. Around that time we came across a … Continue reading

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“Like the vidyādhara’s sword”

In old Hindu tradition a man who attained siddhi in his mantra practice was believed to become a vidyādhara whose might was manifest in the form his beautiful female partner who flew beside him embodying the power of fertility and … Continue reading

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A strange Soviet construction

in our college days we used to visit the lāl-pustak-bhaṇḍār in our city where Soviet books on science and mathematics were sold at a low price (alongside Marxian literature). They were a great resource that enormously contributed to our intellectual … Continue reading

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Matters of religion: “he becomes Naravāhanadatta”

Somakhya’s mother (SM) and Lootika’s mother (LM) ran into each other during their visit to the shrine of Rudra beside the river on a Monday evening. They sat at the platform below the vast aśvattha tree beside the subsidiary Viṣṇu … Continue reading

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