Śiva-gaṇa-s and Andhakāsura-vadha in the Vāmana-purāṇa

On Twitter, one of our acquaintances going by the name @GhorAngirasa had a discussion on the significance of the number 66 in śaiva tradition. That reminded us of an unfinished article where we had noted this number in the context of a śaiva paurāṇika narrative. This lengthy discursive article looks at some additional features of the ancient tale of the killing of Andhaka by Rudra beyond what we had discussed earlier in a note on the evolution of the “fertilizing sweat” motif. Accordingly, we took this piece out of the shelf and worked it up so that it could be minimally presentable for publication. It provided as a pdf file because of the length and the number of illustrations in it.

Śiva-gaṇa-s and Andhakāsura-vadha in the Vāmana-purāṇa 

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