manas: Sanskrit for mind
taraMgiNI: Sanskrit for waves

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yad iha bhāvarūpaṃ tat sarvaṃ mayopasaṃkhyātavyaṃ ।

-kaṇāda kāśyapa

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Disclaimer: I am the sole author of all that has been written here except the words which are presented as quotations from others. A rare minority of the articles mention a collaborator who might have been involved in developing the ideas I wrote in the article. Of course we acknowledge the fact that not all of the *ideas* presented here are necessarily original in the pure sense of the word – they could have arisen as result of the inspiration of reading something. They could have emerged from conversations with others. To the extent possible I record these inspirations. Likewise, other material presented here might have been discovered by others independently of us before or after us. If I am aware of pre-discoveries at the time of writing I try my best to acknowledge those. If I am unaware of them or they have happened after my own discovery we do not acknowledge them. In particular, the mathematical notices we present here are of a trivial kind from the perspective of a mathematician. I have started to record them as they have been important lessons for me lying outside the domain of my formal publications. Since, I do not follow the mathematical literature at any depth it is possible that they have been made before by someone or are very trivial.

Over the years these pages and other social media expressions of mine have come under several attacks from multiple cyber-stalkers and impersonators. Hence, I am not responsible for the views expressed by people posting under the name “mAnasa-taraMgiNI” or “somasushma” or related handles elsewhere on the internet at social media sites. Readers should be warned that they are not engaging me if they engage the impostor on various internet fora passing under our handles. We do not participate in any other internet forum (except see below).

In light of these malicious and criminal activities I have realized that it is not worth the time and effort to interact with or communicate with anyone people trying to contact me regarding this site or the views expressed therein. While I value exercising my freedom of expression, I do not force my expressions on anyone nor do I make any claims as to the veracity and value of the information presented here. If you find it interesting, that is great, and I thank you for reading. If not do not worry and move on in life. If you are angered by what you see presented here then take non-destructive steps to control your anger and move on for it is not worth going ape over what someone who matters little in the wide world has said.

The stories presented here concerning Somakhya and Lootika and their circle are entirely fictitious. Of course fiction does not arise in vacuum and might have arisen from my own life-experiences. Thus, parts might vaguely resemble real life incidents but those have to be viewed as simply that and not as any kind of (auto)biographical narratives. We do not see them or claim them to be stories of the kind produced by those with literary and linguistic attainments. However, they certainly in part have a peculiar didactic intent. In part they fulfill a special personal role comparable to stories in the brAhmaNa texts of the veda.

There is an associated twitter handle which currently serves as a supplement for this blog. While that can be seen as an avenue for communication I am not necessarily going to be responsive about all matters therein. Sometimes I am simply no longer interested in detailing certain issues. Other times I am not in the mood to dilate on a particular point. Yet other times I simply do not want to have a conversation with an individual on a particular matter. That does not mean that I am purposely shunning you or that I am ignorant of something. It is simply not something I want to talk about at that point in time. Further, I am not the instant reaction kind of person. So I may not see a need to provide an immediate reaction for something that it is in the air. Further, there are some topics that I have penetrated so deeply that sometimes I find it a bit boring to step down to a lay level to clarify the nuances. Hence, I may simply not choose to elaborate. I find certain matters like mantra-s and the content of Vaidika practice (as opposed to early Indo-Aryan history) extremely mentally demanding to discuss and am generally not inclined to do so. While I use the supplemental twitter handle to air geopolitical opinions, I actually do not like to talk about (geo)politics with people in general outside of my inner circle. So those opinions might be seen as merely “letting off steam” or “thinking aloud”. As a Hindu I adopt a view privileging Hindu interests in geopolitics over all other groups. If you are not a politically discerning Hindu be warned you may not like those views.

Often Sanskrit terms are used intermingled with a certain Indian register of the English language. Do not expect me to explain those terms. If you understand elementary Sanskrit you can figure them out. If not you may use one of the online Sanskrit dictionaries and the context in which they are used. These terms are rendered in ITRANS or in IAST transliteration. I am totally adept at reading and writing in the Devanagari script but it does not render on all computers; hence, I do not use it. It is also clumsy when used with the Roman script.

There are lots of interesting people out there in world but I am a very boring person so do not bother about me. If there is anything in my writings that you find interesting then sure pursue those topics on your own if you care. Do not be under any misapprehension that I would be as interesting as those topics or that I would be interesting to speak to in person – it is quite the contrary.