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Cricket in pictures

We may say that cricket has nearly passed us by. In our youth we played and watched the game quite a bit. While in secondary school we were fairly interested in cricket statistics. The sources for statistics were not easily … Continue reading

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Of lives of men; of times of men-III

Of lives of men; of times of men-II As they were talking, they saw a sallow-complexioned youth pass by them some distance away carrying a bat on his shoulder. Vidrum waved out to him and he responded similarly and after some … Continue reading

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A zarathuShtrian exit at a Hindu funeral

This note continues with the examples we have been providing on these pages illustrating the role of the kavi as a naturalist or an observer of nature. The verse below is a macabre one composed by one of  the greatest … Continue reading

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In the long past days we were seated in a niche at the foot of the viShThA-parvata with the chaturtha and the feral brAhmaNa. The chaturtha was caressing his rAmapUrIya asiputrikA while SS polished the handle of his hasta-nAlika. They … Continue reading

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gulikAkrIDA: la~NkAvijaya

The sunlit shores of la~NkA, just like the beaches of Southern Saxony where the peerless pirates of emperor Ponting roam like fork-tongued monitors, have been a charnel ground for the Hindu armies over the ages. They have been thrashed over … Continue reading

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The victory of the prince of the Bangalore

If am writing this it really means I am wasting time. Since I have done a lot of that over the past two days and feel guilty about I am just adding x to infinity — something a person with … Continue reading

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sugrIva and the prince of B’lore

The above illustrates the difference between the prince of B’lore (left) and sugrIva so strikingly. sugrIva: Behind of wicket off=32.2% total=61.1% front of wicket off =28.9%/ front of the wicket =50.1% prince of B’lore: Behind of wicket off=15.8%total=44.2 front of wicket … Continue reading

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