Dinosaurs, birds and other evolutionary excursions

Evolution of beta keratins: see article: “How far back do feathers go?” for details

* Dinosaurian Endothermy
* On feathers, fleas and big stem birds
* Molluscan phylogeny
* On Poposaurs
* Torvoneustes and a note on the diversification of dentition in derived thalattosuchians
* A killer sperm whale
* Turtle origins: A flawed return to the parareptile theory by the morphologists
* Azendohsaurus, the early archosauromorph radiation and the origin of turtles
* A visual guide to avian phylogeny and a discursion on dinosaurian color
* Bistahieversor, Haplocheirus and other recently announced dinosaurs
* A brief history of Crocodylomorpha
* Orkoraptor and Aerosteon
* Adriosaurs and the origin of snakes and the snake-like form
* How far back do feathers go?
* Will the veil of the pelagornithids be pierced?
The Arimaspas, dinosaurs, griffins and sharabha.
* A molecular phylogeny of birds
* Long gone cephalopods
* The origin of the uncinate process of diapsid ribs
* Blowing the mammalian fuse
* The Triassic crurotarsans

* The thought train of cephalopod intelligence
* Turtle shells
* The mystery of marsupials
* The experience of the seriema
* On bats
* Basal theropod phylogeny
* The recent great apes of Africa
* Dinosauromorphs and the beginnings of dinosaurs
* Giant volcanos and humans
* The big and small of theropods
* Problems in avian evolution
* The kea – the foremost of the dinosaurs
* Amniotes
* New species of Neofelis?
* Early Angiosperm evolution
* Organ and Edwards on dinosaur genomes
* Australian entomofauna and arachnofauna
* Pheromones of humans and other vertebrates
* Microraptor as a biplane
* Strange news from New Zealand
* Watongia
* Revisiting the synapsids
* The new australopithecine skeleton
* The monkey-eating eagles
* The primitive ape, the red ape and Sivapithecus
* Yinlong and the evolution of Marginocephalian dinosaurs
* When chimps and men stopped mating
* Gansus and the early ornithuromorph/euornithan evolution
* von Nopsca’s Jurassic deja vu
* Najash rionegrina and Yurlunggur camfieldensis
* Qianosuchus
* Erketu and the titanosaurs
* Jurapterxy- wrong inferences?
* Some musings on xenarthran and mammalian evolution
* Meiolaniid turtles


* Mental and neural convergence
* Does the bee eater really have a mind ?
* The bird’s call and other issues
* Continued
* The interlocution
* Tyrannosaurs and morphological evolution in coelurosaurs
* The rise of tyrannosaurs
* Purussaurus and crocodylian recursiveness
* The crocodile line
* Prestosuchus
* Alick Walker
* The mysteries in the radiation of feliformia
* The evolution of Cats
* The wonder of Whippos-I
* Human skull diversity
* The discourse on cat’s tastes
* The adaptive radiation of avian and para-avian clades
* Neuquenraptor argentinus and the deinonychosaurs


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