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Mongolica: Chingiz Khan and the rest

As we have remarked many times on these pages there was Chingiz Khan and the rest. No ruler ever achieved his kind of conquest before or after him. Hence, whenever I hear of the latest claim regarding a discovery of … Continue reading

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Some vignettes on the provenance of the Mogol tyrants

Published first in a slightly modified form at IndiaFacts In the autumn of 1404 CE Timur-i lenk, after having spread the terror of Islam all over Asia for more than three decades, was poised to launch the final campaign of … Continue reading

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Some notes on the extra-military aspects of the Islamo-Hindu confrontation

Under the modern Indian practice of secularism it is common to hold the view that Mohammedanism and the sanAtana dharma can come close together to forge something termed as the Indian identity. Abroad, especially in the Anglosphere, it is common … Continue reading

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Akbar’s self-glorification

No Hindu should forget the deaths of the valiant Rai Jaimal Rathore and Pratap Sisodia (Patta). A comparison of the Hindu chronicles of the Rathores of Badnor and Akbar’s Fathnamah reveals a discrepancy that I believe is a creation of … Continue reading

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