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A brief note on some new developments regarding the genomics of Indians

When we wrote a previous article on this matter we had stated that new data will alter the details of our understanding of picture discussed therein. Indeed, two new manuscripts which were deposited in the past month by McColl et … Continue reading

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susmeratayA saha saMmelana

Holding a trident he arrived at the great smashANa at the foot of kollagiri from the subterranean temple of nR^isiMha where he had practiced the mantra of the adhomukha. It was in the midst of a storm: the trees in … Continue reading

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The sixth cycle of samarAichcha kahA: a vaNija tradition

The jaina AchArya haribhadra sUri collected a series of old tales and presented them in a didactic form for emphasizing jaina principles in the novel known as the samarAichcha kahA. It was written in a vulgar prAkR^ita which was most … Continue reading

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