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The second strike

PDF version Childhood Thrice a week, starting Fridays, Lootika’s mother taught her daughters mantra-siddhānta after dinner. She had covered the praxis of the secret mantra-s of the Vīṇāśikhā and had moved on to relevant sections of the Jayadratha-yāmala and the … Continue reading

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śūlapuruṣa-catvārakam-3: A method for the analysis of history

Somakhya, standing beside a pillar outside his university department, glanced at his watch with a tinge of irritation as he waited for Lootika to show up. She was to bring her sister Vrishchika from the medical school, which was some … Continue reading

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The ponderous tale of the tombstones

“Since you are recording the diverse Vaidruma-s would you record the tombstone variation? While other matters like the sloths of South America, the megalithic culture of India, cave paintings, or even WW2 might be more interesting to the occasional reader … Continue reading

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Incomplete men

This article was first published on Feb 18, 2006. However, we thought it was apposite to re-publish it with some additions give the recent attack on the Hindus by the mlechCha propaganda arm. Liberals are a putrid and noxious bunch. … Continue reading

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The doctor and the speech at the right-wing think-tank

It was a late Friday afternoon and Vidrum had returned home early from the hospital. He spent some time in his garden making a ball from the paste of rain-tree pods, a messy but immensely meditative activity, which his friend … Continue reading

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The Indian republic and the microcosm of social media

We have spent most of our adult life in a world connected by the internet. It offers a few opportunities, which were largely absent in the world before it, though it must be emphasized that these come with major downsides: … Continue reading

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The caves

The exam to qualify for pre-university college was just over and a long vacation lay ahead. Vidrum was drained by the huge mental effort he had put into the exams to earn a seat at a respectable college. It was … Continue reading

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