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Indo-Iranica: epic ruminations

PDF version of article Prologue We first began our observations on the shared motifs in Indo-Iranian traditions when we were around 8 years of age after our mother introduced us to the Iranian epic, the Šahnāme. Over the years we … Continue reading

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A brief note on some new developments regarding the genomics of Indians

When we wrote a previous article on this matter we had stated that new data will alter the details of our understanding of picture discussed therein. Indeed, two new manuscripts which were deposited in the past month by McColl et … Continue reading

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A reiteration regarding the heart of the fundamental conflict

We are somewhat zealous in recycling unused bits of writing lending a certain pleonastic touch to the material presented here. We are placing herewith a bit of unused writing concerning the topic on which we have just written a note, … Continue reading

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A note on the early expansions of the Indo-Europeans

There have been a whole lot of developments in ancient human genomics that have more or less solved key issues pertaining to the early Indo-European expansions. We would like to discuss these but then it would need a long article … Continue reading

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