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Varoli had just completed the synthesis of the xanthine coupled with hydroxymethyluracil and diaminotriazine to test an interesting hypothesis of Somakhya regarding a particular class of DNA-binding proteins. She was putting in considerable effort to finish it off by the … Continue reading

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An astronomical interpretation of the anaḍvān sūkta

This may be seen as a continuation of this note: Anatomy and heavens in the boomorphic universe. The anaḍvān sūkta is an enigmatic sūkta from the Atharvaveda which falls in the same class as other sūkta-s which describe a “boomorphic” … Continue reading

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svabhāṣāyāṃ śāstrīyā śikṣā

As PDF navame varṣe lūtikā tasyāḥ pañca-varṣīyāyai anujāyai varolyai dravyaśāstram aśikṣayat | lūtikā ‘vadat : “priye varoli dhyānena kārṇārpaṇaṃ kuru | atha vakṣyāmy amla-kṣāra-siddhāntaṃ ca lavaṇīkaraṇasya prayogaṃ ca | purve kāle svastyātreyeṇa+asmadīyena dravyavidā+amla-kṣāra-siddhāntaḥ proktaḥ | kāle ‘smin amla-kṣāra-siddhānto arrheniyas ca … Continue reading

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Remembering Raghunathachari

We do not intend to recount the biography of Chintamani Raghunathachari as it is publicly available to anyone interested in the matter. But our intention is simply to talk a little about his life and times. He lived at a … Continue reading

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A rambling expatiation instigated by the self-interview of Robert Burnham, Jr

When we were young, the normally taciturn vaiśya-jyotiṣa once asked us to participate in a peculiar weekly assembly of amateur astronomers that was apparently inspired by none other than the great Lokamānya Ṭilak and was housed in a memorial of … Continue reading

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Comet Lovejoy, C/2014 Q2

On pauṣa kṛṣṇapakṣa 11, kali 5115 (16th Jan 2015) around 8.10 PM, braving the cold of the height of winter (felt like -5°C) we caught sight of śvetaketu in the constellation of Taurus near the 6 mothers of our patron … Continue reading

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The extraordinary case of Comet Holmes

A dhuma-gola was sighted near the head of yayAti, when the kR^iShNa-pakSha moon was passing through kR^ittikA My friend the AghamarShaNa brought to my attention an extraordinary even this evening: The comet Holmes was visible to naked eye. He mentioned … Continue reading

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