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A note on tales of fratricide, warfare, cannibalism and incest

The Osman conqueror of Constantinople, Mehmet-II, bothered by the civil wars his predecessors had to fight to take the throne, institutionalized the system of fratricide. In this system, the rival brothers of the sultan, who took the throne, were all … Continue reading

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This time it is the big man’s story

Vidrum was hurrying back to his office after a quick dinner. As he did so he mentally rued the fact that every time he found his way out of one problem in life a new one came upon him. Once … Continue reading

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The engineer, the dead fish and the bag of earth-the End

From Part-V kathA-puchChaM Viruses have been around since the beginning of life and locked in conflict with cells and other viruses since then. In course of this epic conflict they have given genes to cells and taken genes from them. … Continue reading

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The engineer, the dead fish and the bag of earth-V

From part-IV trayAyudho nAma pa~nchamo .adhyAyaH | The next day Somakhya was browsing the news when he came across a curious item: “There are reports of heavy cross-border shelling by Pakistani troops in the Kupwara district. To take stock of … Continue reading

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The engineer, the dead fish and the bag of earth-IV

From chapter 3 kalpito viShANur nAma chaturtho .adhyAyaH | After making oblations of caprine cheese and gruel in the ritual fire to the goat-riding god puShaN, Lootika prepared to leave. On the flight to Moscow she started reading the yogashAstra … Continue reading

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The engineer, the dead fish and the bag of earth-III

From chapter 2 jiva-rajjusarjo nAma tritIyo .adhyAyaH | Somakhya and Lootika breezed through their doctoral programs in two and a half years after over coming several obstacles placed by mlechCha-s who stood like vR^itra-s and prahlAda-s in their path. In … Continue reading

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Wise viShNusharman’s vignette on biological warfare

brahmA rudraH kumAro hari-varuNa-yamA vahnir indraH kuberash chandrAdityau sarasvaty-udadhi-yuga-nagA vAyur urvI-bhuja~NgAH | siddhA nadyo .ashvinau shrIr ditir aditi-sutA mAtarash chaNDikAdyA vedAs tIrthAni yakShA gaNa-vasu-munayaH pAntu nityaM grahAsh cha || ::::::::::::: Tennyson had put it: “Nature, red in tooth and claw” … Continue reading

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