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The doctor and the speech at the right-wing think-tank

It was a late Friday afternoon and Vidrum had returned home early from the hospital. He spent some time in his garden making a ball from the paste of rain-tree pods, a messy but immensely meditative activity, which his friend … Continue reading

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The cairn beyond the crag

It was the an early Indian summer morning. The type that makes one rise rapidly from bed rather than remain tucked in like the mornings in the cold northern lands. Vidrum had arisen from his bed and briskly jogged up … Continue reading

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The tale of the two classes of vaNij-s

It is with some trepidation that we discuss the vaNij-s for, belonging to the head of the puruSha, we are removed from the arts and the ways of theirs. But this is more a discussion on how their history played … Continue reading

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On a paramAra warrior queen and some Saracenic structures in lATa

S and other members of aurvasheyI’s family have rich body of legend concerning their tAntrika paraMpara. We have discussed some of this with the intention of mapping it on the historical background which might have points of interest. We have … Continue reading

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