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The second strike

PDF version Childhood Thrice a week, starting Fridays, Lootika’s mother taught her daughters mantra-siddhānta after dinner. She had covered the praxis of the secret mantra-s of the Vīṇāśikhā and had moved on to relevant sections of the Jayadratha-yāmala and the … Continue reading

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Turning of the Turkic wheel: unmattābhisaṃdhi, battles won, battles lost and march of marūnmāda

When the Mamluqs controlled the rākṣasālaya-s of Mecca and Medina they were rather zealous about their possessions just like the modern tyrants of Saud. After the Osman sultan Mehmed II had completed an important milestone for marūnmāda with the conquest … Continue reading

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Turkic miscellany: plucking the red apple

In 527 CE Justinian became the emperor at Constantinople. He is remembered as saint in the orthodox church and is famed for his enforcing of the Nicean creed. He crushed other interpretations of the Christianity and rebuilt the famous church … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Shridhar Ketkar and other Hindu responders to Abrahamism in the past two centuries

A version of this article was published originally at India Facts The Hindu encounter with Abrahamism began with the initial expansions of the second (Christ cult) and third (Mohammedanism) versions. Hindus figured among the early victims of the second Abrahamism … Continue reading

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Remembering Emperor Julian

On 26th June 363 CE the great philosopher-emperor Julian died from a wound that was inflicted in all likelihood by a Christian traitor in his own ranks (said to be sent by Christian saint Basil for his assassination). He was … Continue reading

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The first responders and the paradox of Maoism

We have to admit that there is nothing very new in these episodic geopolitical musings; nevertheless, we engage in revisiting these themes for it is perhaps away of registering the connection between history which is being made and history which … Continue reading

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The end of the heathens

In 438 BCE the 12 meter image of the great goddess Athena made by the foremost of the yavana idol makers, Pheidias under the patronage of Perikles was installed at the Acropolis in Athens. It was built with 1.1 tons … Continue reading

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