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Pandemic days: Galtonism hits India

At some point last year, we stopped writing any further dispatches regarding the pandemic catastrophe from the disease because everything was playing out more or less as laid out in the earlier notes. There was the whole public drama around … Continue reading

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Huntington and the clash: 21 years later

This note is part biographical and part survey of the major geopolitical abstractions that may be gleaned from the events in the past 21 years. Perhaps, there is nothing much of substance in this note but an uninformed Hindu might … Continue reading

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Chinese incursion of 2013: Just the beginning?

Hindus face three major civilizational threats – two from the Abrahamisms, the religions of peace and love, and one from the legalistic Han imperialism. The assault from the religion of love is primarily spear-headed by the leukosphere and is abetted … Continue reading

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