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The death of Miss Lizzie Willink

Late that spring, Somakhya and Lootika were visited by their mleccha friend Irmhild. Letting her sleep off the jet lag, they left for work. Given the good weather, Lootika returned early to check on their friend and go out with … Continue reading

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Braided power: a brief note on the last great steppe power: the Mongol-Manchu system

We first read of matters pertaining to this note with some interest in books which had newly arrived at a library in our old city that we mainly visited for Sanskritic literature. We wished to summarize everything we had learned … Continue reading

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The cairn beyond the crag

It was the an early Indian summer morning. The type that makes one rise rapidly from bed rather than remain tucked in like the mornings in the cold northern lands. Vidrum had arisen from his bed and briskly jogged up … Continue reading

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