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The engineer, the dead fish and the bag of earth-III

From chapter 2 jiva-rajjusarjo nAma tritIyo .adhyAyaH | Somakhya and Lootika breezed through their doctoral programs in two and a half years after over coming several obstacles placed by mlechCha-s who stood like vR^itra-s and prahlAda-s in their path. In … Continue reading

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niShAda-s and shabara-s of jambudvIpa: What you see is what it is

The vast land of jambudvIpa is home to many different types of tribal people. They were noted right from the times of the ancient Hindu texts. The R^igveda hardly mentions any of them, but one that is mentioned is kIkaTa. … Continue reading

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Some comments on the biology of insulin resistance in jaMbudvIpa

A recent paper by Metspalu et al in AHJG adds additional data to the growing material on the genetics of the Indians. The paper has several issues that are rather unsatisfactory – chief among them is the attempt to meaninglessly … Continue reading

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