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pdf in Devanāgari (loka-nIticharchA) vijaya-nāma mahā-mlecchānām bahuprajāvān bahupatnīvāṃś ca vyāpārī gṛha-krayāc chailūṣa-pradarśanāc ca mahādhany abhavat । sa marūnmattair abhibhṛtāṃ pūrvatana-mleccha-rāja-patnīm atikrāntvā rāja-nirvācanam ajayata । so ‘bhavat mlecchādhipatiḥ । virodhakās tasya+anekāḥ । tasya vijayasya ca paṭṭābhiṣekasyānantaraṃ vṛṣṭy-ante puttikā ivo(u)tplavante bahavaḥ saṃkṣobhakāḥ … Continue reading

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śūlapuruṣa-catvārakam-3: A method for the analysis of history

Somakhya, standing beside a pillar outside his university department, glanced at his watch with a tinge of irritation as he waited for Lootika to show up. She was to bring her sister Vrishchika from the medical school, which was some … Continue reading

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A geopolitical segment

Nothing has really changed in the world as long as the mlechCha-marUnmattAbhisaMdhi continues as usual. Yet, a large fraction of the Hindus we have observed have a weak apprehension of this outside a relatively small circle many of whom are … Continue reading

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The moment of silence

In the days long past, when we were still young, we did not like the 15th Aug holiday very much – it was not really a full holiday for we had to attend school for a few hours of faux … Continue reading

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A brief note on spies, subversionists, white indologists and “regional studies”

While today the US, as the leader of the leukosphere, is renowned for its intelligence and subversion operations all over the world, it has acquired this capability relatively recently in historical terms. Although the FBI carried out various intelligence and … Continue reading

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An indigo South Asian, hemu’s salt and other interlocutions

For a while Mn has been keeping only Ivy league company – as he would say from one Ivy league school to another, much to the envy of flotsam deshI mortals. Indeed, he made his appearance with an entourage of … Continue reading

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Some more ramblings on the mlechCha-marUnmatta abhisaMdhAnaM

The mlechCha-s outwardly appear to have been at war with the shashidhvaja-s since the first days of the khilI-moha propagated by the adi-marUnmatta. But throughout history several actions of mlechCha-s have ended up strengthening the marUnmatta-s rather than weakening them. … Continue reading

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