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A prefatory narrative

Jhilleeka and Prachetas were visiting Lootika and Somakhya. Prithika, the daughter of the latter two was much excited as she resembled and was to resemble her youngest aunt in more than one way – they seemed to have a some … Continue reading

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Leaves from the scrapbook

There were extensive memoirs in the form of electronic scrapbooks of Somakhya, Lootika and some members of their circle. Those in the know read the available excerpts due to matters of considerable interest being recorded in them. Other parts were … Continue reading

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The box

◊◊◊◊◊◊ Somakhya and Lootika raced up the metal rungs of the tall ladder which led to the bracket atop which sat the great water tank. There, ensconced from the spying eyes they did not know how much time passed in … Continue reading

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