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Notes on the Bhadra-sūkta, a hymn for felicity to the Vedic pantheon

For better type-setting and Devanagari rendering use PDF version. Introduction Several sub-schools of the Taittirīya school of the Kṛṣṇayajurveda possess their own collections of mantra-s distinct from their saṃhitā-s known as the mantra-pāṭha-s. These include mantra-s that are often found … Continue reading

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The maṅgalācaraṇam of the Mānasollāsa

In PDF format A conversation with a friend brought my mind back to the Mānasollāsa, the encyclopedia of the great Cālukya emperor Someśvara-deva. Below is the maṅgalācaraṇam of that work. The last verse is where the author announces himself. There … Continue reading

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kumAra chakra with the twelve dreadful goddesses

The account of the mantra practice of these kaumAra goddesses was originally intended as part of the great skanda vrata. Given that that might take a while to complete, and that these goddess might be worshiped in other rites in … Continue reading

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The skanda-vrata

We had earlier presented a few details pertaining to the great kumAra chakra, which lay at the root of the kumArashAsana the pinnacle of its glory – a time when mahAsena was invoked from bAhlika in the north to dramiDa … Continue reading

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