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A note on āmreḍita-s in the Ṛgveda and issues of word distribution

sa darśataśrīr atithir gṛhe-gṛhe vane-vane śiśriye takvavīr iva । janaṃ-janaṃ janyo nāti manyate viśa ā kṣeti viśyo viśaṃ-viśam ॥ RV 10.91.2 by Aruṇa Vaitahavya He, with visible auspiciousness, a guest in house after house, in forest after forest lurking like … Continue reading

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The terror of the ergative and such thoughts

In our youth we were confronted with the prospect of learning two New Indo-Aryan languages, namely Hindi and Marathi. All around us were native speakers of the latter language. Several of them were multilingual and knew Hindi to different degrees … Continue reading

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Some maxims of ve~NkaTAdhvarin

Our medieval coethnic, ve~NkaTAdhvarin (1600s of the common era), was a shrauta ritualist, keen observer of humanity, master poet, proponent of vishiShTAdvaita and shrIvaiShNava bigot, all simultaneously rolled in one. In his writings we encounter a brilliant account of the … Continue reading

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