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Pandemic days-6: Genetic risk factors

The coronavirus that made its way to humans aided by the Cīna-s at Wuhan has now been with us for nearly an year. Right from the early days of this outbreak, one thing has been notable about this virus: some … Continue reading

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Human journeys, ascents and descents

As we headed towards the bus-stand to take our homeward conveyance, we saw an unusual stir in its vicinity. We passed a clump of young, well-to-do, white American women ambling along holding over-sized coffee or cola cups and exclaiming: “Wow!” … Continue reading

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Big fruits and dead giants

The fruits of the elephants nāgo bilvam ivākramya pothayiṣyāmy ahaṃ śiraḥ | alabhyām icchatas tasya kīcakasya durātmanaḥ || Like an elephant seizing a bilva [fruit] I will crush the head of that evil Kīcaka who desires that which ought not … Continue reading

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upakathā of previous: śūlapuruṣa-catvārakam-2

upakathā of previous: śūlapuruṣa-catvārakam-1 It was a Saturday afternoon. The caturbhaginī-s had returned from their weekly visit to the museum library and were in a huddle at their home. Lootika was seated on the floor and was classifying and labeling … Continue reading

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