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A note on the cow, the horse and the chariot in the Ṛgveda

yasmai tvaṃ sukṛte jātaveda u lokam agne kṛṇavaḥ syonam | aśvinaṃ sa putriṇaṃ vīravantaṃ gomantaṃ rayiṃ naśate svasti || For whom you will make a pleasant world, O Jātavedas! as he does correct rituals for you, O Agni! He endowed with … Continue reading

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A brief note on spies, subversionists, white indologists and “regional studies”

While today the US, as the leader of the leukosphere, is renowned for its intelligence and subversion operations all over the world, it has acquired this capability relatively recently in historical terms. Although the FBI carried out various intelligence and … Continue reading

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