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Mongolica: The Tangut empire

In the early 1100s of the CE Rtsa-mi lotsawa Sangs-rgyas grags-pa was in Nālandā, India, to study and transmit the latest that the tāntrika strain of Bauddha-mata had to offer. Within a century both his world and that of his … Continue reading

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Visualize a situation where a plasmid encoding a bacteriocin infects a bacterium. This bacteriocin kills all other conspecifics (to the extent we can define a conspecific in bacteria). Consequently, the rivals who might compete for the same resource as the … Continue reading

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Some more ramblings on the mlechCha-marUnmatta abhisaMdhAnaM

The mlechCha-s outwardly appear to have been at war with the shashidhvaja-s since the first days of the khilI-moha propagated by the adi-marUnmatta. But throughout history several actions of mlechCha-s have ended up strengthening the marUnmatta-s rather than weakening them. … Continue reading

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Fragments of West Asian heathen thought: late surviving Hermetica

To be read in conjunction with this. Many moons ago aurvasheyI brought my attention to a curious news item in an Indian paper – in small print it narrated a village conflict involving the deployment of what might be termed … Continue reading

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Akbar’s self-glorification

No Hindu should forget the deaths of the valiant Rai Jaimal Rathore and Pratap Sisodia (Patta). A comparison of the Hindu chronicles of the Rathores of Badnor and Akbar’s Fathnamah reveals a discrepancy that I believe is a creation of … Continue reading

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