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Yajus incantations for the worship of Rudra from the Kāṭhaka ritual manuals

This article is available as a pdf document. The notes from it are appended below. The loss of the northern and northwestern Kṛṣnayajurveda traditions due to the Mohammedan depredations of Northern India (aided an abetted by the predatory Anglospheric regimes) … Continue reading

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A Sayyid kills a Kashmirian yogin

The Kashmirian brAhmaNa jonarAja wrote a rAjataraMgiNi describing the rule of various Moslem tyrants in Kashmira after the end of Hindu rule. He is rather laudatory in his description of the Sultan Zayn al Abidin (reign 1418-1470 CE), who is … Continue reading

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