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Khitans and Mongols: A story of deep and persistent connections-1

While the Chingizid Mongols have long been the focus of students of medieval steppe history, studies over the past 50 years have been steadily contributing to the picture that they were heirs of a previously neglected and even now underappreciated … Continue reading

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A brief overview of the last campaign of Chingiz Khan and the issue of succession in the Mongol empire

Succession is always an important issue in history. The legacy of a mighty ruler and/or founder of an empire might quickly unravel if the issue of succession is left unresolved. In Hindu history the Gupta-s were marked with glory because … Continue reading

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Mongolica: Chingiz Khan and the rest

As we have remarked many times on these pages there was Chingiz Khan and the rest. No ruler ever achieved his kind of conquest before or after him. Hence, whenever I hear of the latest claim regarding a discovery of … Continue reading

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Some discussion on the Siberian conquests of the Mongols and the Ainu in history

In 1207 CE, after Chingiz Khan had been proclaimed as the sole ruler of all Mongolia, he decided to decisively settle outstanding military issues. In 1204 CE he had sent an exploratory force to subdue the Turkic Kirghiz of Siberia … Continue reading

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