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Vidrum had called on his friends Somakhya and Lootika on a quiet afternoon to accompany him for a climb on the trails of Vidrumavistāra that lay beyond Viṣṭhaparvata. The fierce fighting arising from a surprise ghazvat of the makkha-viṣaya-dānava-s had … Continue reading

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In the gray zone

Among the thinkers of the modern Occident one may take note of the Englishman John Gray. He is firmly an insider of the Anglosphere not just by origin but also by worldview: he is quick to spot the barbarisms in … Continue reading

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The Euro-American academic system: few more thoughts

The neglect of human sociobiology Our intellectual tradition: non-existent, decadent, or congenitally dilute? One may see the following as rollovers from the above. As we have stated before on these very pages, one thing the old Hindus were good at … Continue reading

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