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The zombie obeys: a note on host manipulation by parasites and its ecological consequences

In 1858-59, as AR Wallace, one of the founders of the modern evolutionary theory, was exploring the Sulawesi Islands, he collected an ant, Polyrachis merops, that he sent over to England. Years later, the naturalist W Fawcett studying these ants … Continue reading

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The culmination of Galtonism or pandemic days-3

We saw a list of famous elderly people whom the virus has already placed in the abode of Vaivasvata at the time of writing. We recognized at least two names: (1) Robert Carroll the paleontologist, whose hard to find book … Continue reading

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Visualize a situation where a plasmid encoding a bacteriocin infects a bacterium. This bacteriocin kills all other conspecifics (to the extent we can define a conspecific in bacteria). Consequently, the rivals who might compete for the same resource as the … Continue reading

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