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Leaves from the scrapbook-3

As described here these entries are from the scrapbook of Somakhya. Entry 3; Nimlukti, year Anala of the first cycle: I was still at Turushkarajapura at a lab where I had access to a computer-network with a large number of … Continue reading

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A geopolitical segment

Nothing has really changed in the world as long as the mlechCha-marUnmattAbhisaMdhi continues as usual. Yet, a large fraction of the Hindus we have observed have a weak apprehension of this outside a relatively small circle many of whom are … Continue reading

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The alien seeks to belong

barbarin was born in an indigent brAhmaNa household. They lived just beyond a sprawling slum in an area where the Mogols had formerly camped during their final struggle with the mahArATTa-s for that city. In his youth he had been … Continue reading

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