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Mongolica: Chingiz Khan and the rest

As we have remarked many times on these pages there was Chingiz Khan and the rest. No ruler ever achieved his kind of conquest before or after him. Hence, whenever I hear of the latest claim regarding a discovery of … Continue reading

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A note on lost Śaiva centers: consideration of examples from Magadha and Vaṅga

To be read in conjunction with this handout: Harihara in the Indosphere One of the poorly understood but immensely important facets of Hindu history is the role of the saiddhāntika Śaiva-s in the cultural unification of the Indosphere within the … Continue reading

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A note on the agrarian management in Hindavi svarājya

The great rājan, the founder of the last Hindu empire, can only be effectively compared to one figure in history, namely Chingiz Kha’khan. Both displayed the rare combination of military and administrative genius that in rarely manifest simultaneously in a … Continue reading

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Some notes on the rise of Oirat power and the Jangar tuuli

After 1370 CE the power of the Qubilaid Mongols declined precipitously leaving Mongolia in chaos, with several contenders jostling for supremacy but none gaining any ground. As they were fighting each other, the Kirghiz lord Ugechi routed the Qubilaid Khan … Continue reading

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Some vignettes on the provenance of the Mogol tyrants

Published first in a slightly modified form at IndiaFacts In the autumn of 1404 CE Timur-i lenk, after having spread the terror of Islam all over Asia for more than three decades, was poised to launch the final campaign of … Continue reading

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Poem on Sübütäi’s attack on Qazvin

The great Mongol Noyan Jebe upon receiving the news of the death of the Moslem Sultan Khwarizm Shah asked Chingiz Khan’s permission to extend their conquests westwards. At the head of 10,000 men he joined in the meantime with Sübütäi’s … Continue reading

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A geopolitical segment

Nothing has really changed in the world as long as the mlechCha-marUnmattAbhisaMdhi continues as usual. Yet, a large fraction of the Hindus we have observed have a weak apprehension of this outside a relatively small circle many of whom are … Continue reading

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