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A commentary on the vairin-s and the like of Viṣṇuśarman’s tradition

In one sense Viṣṇuśarman’s political presentation was nothing short of revolutionary. One may rightly ask: why so? One could say after all he was merely encapsulating in tales the principles already laid out by the ancient ārya-s and thoroughly presented … Continue reading

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Wise viShNusharman’s vignette on biological warfare

brahmA rudraH kumAro hari-varuNa-yamA vahnir indraH kuberash chandrAdityau sarasvaty-udadhi-yuga-nagA vAyur urvI-bhuja~NgAH | siddhA nadyo .ashvinau shrIr ditir aditi-sutA mAtarash chaNDikAdyA vedAs tIrthAni yakShA gaNa-vasu-munayaH pAntu nityaM grahAsh cha || ::::::::::::: Tennyson had put it: “Nature, red in tooth and claw” … Continue reading

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