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Chakkalal and Mundalal saw that Gannaram Dakiya, the owner of the little eatery, had taken a bit too much of an ethanolic beverage and had forgotten to lock the safe with his phone, cards and some cash. They broke into … Continue reading

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Prakīrṇaviṣayāḥ: Life, brains, warfare and society

1 On big brains An occidentally conditioned person remarked that “we were making bad use of the great brains we have evolved. Instead of using it for human betterment, we were expending it on killing each other with sophisticated weapons.” … Continue reading

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Leaves from the scrapbook-4

As described here these entries are from the scrapbook of the second of the caturbhaginī, Vrishchika. Entry 1; kāmāturā, year Siddhārthin of the first cycle: Indrasena departed for grad school last week and I am feeling a bit of loneliness … Continue reading

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The conversion

It was many many moons ago. We were seated upon the wall near the viShTa-parvata when the kR^iShNa-shUdra materialized in front of us. He was looking agitated. Just a few days before the English teacher had asked the class to … Continue reading

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Some considerations on Indian polity

Along with the failure to restore saMskR^ita, one of the congenital defects of modern India was its failure to reacquire its tradition of political thought. While such visions might have existed in the world of the Lal-Bal-Pal trio, they were … Continue reading

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