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Transcripts of conversations: the addiction principle:

A friend recorded some of our verbalizations and made transcripts of them. He sent them to us to and we decide to edit them and post them as and when we get the chance — not out of a narcissistic … Continue reading

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The professor’s war

It was the end of his work week. Vidrum came to the office of Vrishchika of long tresses; she had just started her lab at the medical school. Vrishchika put on her gloves and handed Vidrum a box: “Here is … Continue reading

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The first farmers

nIchaiH khananty asurA arusrANam idaM mahat | tad AsrAvasya bheShajaM tad u rogam anInashat || Deep down the Asura-s bury this great healer of wounds: that is the drug for diarrhea, which verily destroyed the disease. upajIkA ud bharanti samudrAd … Continue reading

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