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Repenomamus an early predatory mammal

A fossil of the early branching mammal Repenomamus robustus and related species Repenomamus giganticus (may be even a larger version of the previous species) were recently described from fossil found in the Liaoning Province, China. R.robustus had a juvenile Psittacosaurus … Continue reading

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Pyrotechnics in the gloom

The day was enveloped in a forbidding gloom, and the air reeked with monsoonal decay, even as the Hindu civilization in its downward slide. The studious youth busied themselves with the most mundane of chemical experiments. Some were vigorously blowing … Continue reading

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South Indian Hindu legal authorities of the middle period

-700 CE bAlakrIDA a commentary on the yAGNYavAlkya smR^iti was composed by vishvarUpa in Shringagiri in Karnataka. -?700 CE bhAruchi wrote commentaries on the viShNu dharmashastra and the manusmR^iti. -1120 CE mitAksharA was written by viGNYAneshvara who was the prime … Continue reading

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The gaviShTi

O indra and viShNu come bear us aid as you had done to the ikShvAku in the great gaviShTi for wealth and glory.None among men knows his own life’s duration: bear us in safety over these through these battles. Our … Continue reading

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Kuriltai and other affairs

The ever querulous vAtavyAdi kept coming up with more of his ideas that were often of little value. We appointed him vidUShaka, and asked him to serve in that capacity without much further ado. We were asked to hold a … Continue reading

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