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Over and over the downward turn of the yuga was burning us. We were reviewing the reports from the unfair battle with Shoi on the pAShaNDa hill. We noticed that there were two major points that came up: 1) there … Continue reading

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The vrAtya stoma

The vratya stoma is described in the first 4 sections of the 17th chapter of the pa~nchaviMsha brAhmaNa. The stoma has been described as a means of admitting non-Aryans to the Aryan fold but this is not clear from the … Continue reading

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Hayastanika, sAMkhya, Plato etc.

Hayastanika is known as sarvapriyA and mahAsurApipAnA. Thus, we mused over the turn of the chakra known as the saMvatsara. The wheel turned and sharadaH had come resulting in the dismal air that hangs over us. We decided to stay … Continue reading

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advaita and sAMkhya- are they really understood by modern Hindus. Perhaps not. The best means of really understanding the evolution of these old doctrines is via comparative analysis with the equivalent Greek works. When I suddenly reflected upon the old … Continue reading

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The symmetric devolution of Jx

The chance for the kuriltai was unusually solidified by the bold Argentinian adventurer. At the said hour we met with Mn and the shachiva’s prime agent. Mn, was a pioneer and even bolder adventurer than the Argentinian and was as … Continue reading

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The puruSha and the superorganism

yat puruṣaṃ vyadadhuḥ katidhā vyakalpayan | mukhaṃ kimasya kau bāhū kā ūrū pādā ucyete || brāhmaṇo.asya mukhamāsīd bāhū rājanyaḥ kṛtaḥ | ūrūtadasya yad vaiśyaḥ padbhyāṃ śūdro ajāyata ||Recently the ecologists Wilson and Hoeldobler claimed that group selection and not kin … Continue reading

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Nebra Star Disc and Indo-European Archaeoastronomy

The Nebra Star Disc The astronomy of the Indo-Europeans has always been frowned up by the “Western experts”. They like to tell us that the Indo-Europeans were a primitive lot with not much astronomy to talk about. Everything the Indo-Europeans … Continue reading

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The second attempt of kAma

The contest between shiva and kAma is much celebrated in Hindu literature. The effects of kAma on shiva have been enshrined in the highest poetry of saMskR^ita by kAlidAsa in poem on the birth of the war-god. But the brahmANDa … Continue reading

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The evolving brain

R had called to enquire of the tragic situation. But mentioned that as a Hindu I could calm myself by pointing out that life could be worse. Imagine the fate of Revi I mentioned. Everything is bad for them but … Continue reading

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kAma kalA

mukhaM binduM kR^itvA kucha yugam-adhas-tasya tadadho hakArArdhaM dhAyed yo hara-mahiShi te manmatha-kalAM | sa sadyaH saMkShobhaM nayati vanitA ity-ati-laghu trilokIm apy-Ashu bhramayati ravIndu-stana-yugAM || Making the bindu to be the face, what is beneath to be the breasts, and what … Continue reading

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The odd Cambodian inscription of vinAyaka

Among the old inscriptions of the vinAyaka temples in the far-East are the following 1) The Angkor Borei inscription of 611 AD, which mentions the construction of a shrine to mahAgaNapati. 2) 660 AD the jayavarman II inscription describing a … Continue reading

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The Planetary nebula hunt

A great hunt for the planetary nebulae was successfully conducted this night. After an initial survey of bright globulars we pursued the planetary nebulae with a vengence. 1) NGC 6210 in Hercules: Small faint disk. About 6500 light years away. … Continue reading

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The Finnish Epic

The Kalevala is the only well-preserved piece of mythology Uralic people. A few fragments of the tales of other shamanic peoples of this group exist, but none in a complete epic as the Kalevala, which was rescued from extinction by … Continue reading

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Wanderings in the sun

They say it is galanin. It had triggered the waves in the rasArNava. The warm sun was exceedingly pleasant as it dipped towards the western peg. The relieved ourselves of the ill memories of the tragic bandha temporarily and wandered … Continue reading

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Today I was at the Philadelphia museum- a few childhood dreams of mine were finally fulfilled. I got an opportunity to examine the following skulls and skeletons at some length: 1) The skull Eoraptor2) The skull of Hererrasaurusboth of which … Continue reading

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The prelude to Manas

From the time of the defeat of the Uighurs to the rise to the powerful Mongol tribes of the Khitan, who founded the Qara Khitai empire in Central Asia, the supreme rulers of “Imperial Mongolia” were the Kirghiz taken to … Continue reading

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The rise of the Kirghiz Khaganate

The Kirghiz Khaganate came to the fore after Uighurs were destroyed by the Kirghiz in the 840 AD. The rise of the Kirghiz was shrouded in mystery. All we knew was that a Uighur general defected to the Kirghiz with … Continue reading

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